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Welcome to your Tutorials

Hello, and welcome to the tutorial categories, you will see they are placed into different levels and separated out to help you navigate the site.

If you are new to painting, do have a little look around to see all the subjects I have covered so far. I do recommend that you start with the beginners tutorials and practice the techniques but don't feel overwhelmed, you may want to begin with the flowers or plants you love the most, maybe the image that brought you to my site, so why not do the first few stages and see how you get on?

My approach to teaching is to show you how I tackle each plant and get you started with mixing some colours. It is important that you don't give up, you will have days when it all seems to go wrong or you just don't feel in the mood, don't panic, just watch a tutorial that you like the look of, and you will be surprised at how much information you absorb. Try not to be too tough on yourself, I often take time out to paint something soft and just for fun, you could do the same, so maybe try a just for fun project, who knows, you might find it opens a door to a host of fresh ideas.

You can come back to the site at any time, when you feel inspired or want to have another go.

Try to keep all your studies in an acid free folder and fill every piece of paper with your practice pieces, soon you will be looking back and seeing your work improve and flourish. Enjoy the browsing and don't forget to check in on our Forum which is a lovely place to keep in touch and get support along the way. Billy :)

Tutorial Categories